Kite Surfing Phuket – Extreme Fun AndThrills In The Open Sun

kitesurfing phuket1Phuket is Thailand’s home of kite surfing. It is an island renowned holiday destination for people who having fun in the open sun. The great family beaches and friendly atmosphere from the locals make it the ideal tropical location just to let loose and have fun. Kite surfing Phuket is not rear; with sweet locations such as Nai Yang and Chalong beaches, there is virtually an unlimited kite surfing action all year round.

Stepping on Phuket beaches is a gateway to thrills on the water. The hot sun, goods waves, and strong winds make the perfect conditions for kite boarding or kite surfing. This is an extreme sport worth a try when you visit this island. If you love the idea of kitesurf school Phuket, you should pack your bags and head down to Thailand. Whether you are new to kite boarding or a pro, you can still enjoy this extreme sport thanks to the many kite surfing schools located within Phuket.

Learning how to kite surf is one things and being prepared is another. This article seeks to get you ready for some thrilling kite boarding.

1.    You will have to know when you to head to Thailand just in time for the best kite surfing Phuket conditions. Granted the place is ideal for an all year round kite boarding fun, but the best time for this sport is during Phuket’s longest windiest season. This is when winds hit 12knots to 18knots. The best time for these winds are between June and August.

2.    So, you now know when to be in Phuket for kite surfing; however, do you have all the skills needed for you to fully enjoy the sport? For this, you need to look for the best schools that teach kite surfing Phuket. Take this as an excellent time to mingle with the experts of the sport. You will learn from the very best kite surfers in Phuket and you even get to know of the type of gear needed and the safety measures you should take before you go out surfing.

3.    Investing in high quality gear and equipment goes without say given the nature of this sport. You can opt to buy the full gear and equipment from various retail stores. You can also buy them from some of the schools. Alternatively, you can settle for rental equipment, which is an ideal option suitable for the short vacation period you will have while in Phuket. The key thing is to ensures that you cover all fronts in terms of safety when kite surfing Phuket.

4.    Practice, practice, practice, that is all it takes to make you a perfect kite surfer. The lessons you will take for kite school Phuket will only give you is the necessary knowledge, the rest is up to you. The best bit is that you can still enjoy the sport while out in the sun hitting the waves as you practice. You will be surprises to be handling the kite and riding the wind and waves just like the pros sooner that you think.